Environmental Health Officers are actively visiting food businesses across Ireland and serving owners with Enforcement Orders – including Closure, Improvement and Prohibition Orders – and, in some cases, bringing prosecutions for breaches of food safety legislation.

If you are a food business owner or manager and any of the ten breaches in food safety that we have listed below sound familiar it really is time to put a reliable Food Safety/HACCP Management System in place and get your staff trained and certified in HACCP Food Hygiene.

Don’t put your customers’ health and your business’s future at risk.

SafeHands can help. We offer efficient and reliable HACCP training and certification and have been doing so for a wide range of food businesses for over 20 years. Contact details below but first let’s look at those Ten Food Safety Breaches to see if they set off any alarm bells…

1. An open container of lettuce was being stored directly below an open container of raw fish

2. Food packaging was damaged and the food inside was not protected from potential contamination

3. A kitchen area had inadequate pest-proofing and there was a high number of possible entry points

4. High risk food was stored at unsafe temperatures, with cooked chicken stored at 11°C

5. Hand washing facilities in one premises lacked hot water

6. Foodstuffs were being stored without date or name labels attached

7. Staff were not properly trained and did not have clean and appropriate clothing

8. Stored food had passed its use-by date or had no-use by date

9. Filters of the canopy above the cooking equipment were unclean

10. Allergen information was either missing or inaccurate

If any of these breaches are present in your food prep areas it could see your business getting served with an Enforcement Order by an Environmental Health Officer. It's not worth the risk. Contact SafeHands by phone on 01-7979836 or mobile on 0873823223, email info@safehands.ie or visit our website https://www.safehands.ie and be in SafeHands with your food safety arrangements.