Fire regulations impose a legal responsibility on all employers in Ireland to achieve an appropriate standard of Fire Safety in the workplace. Under the Fire Services Act 1981 and the Health and Safety Act 2005, employers can face imprisonment and fines of up to €3m. In order to ensure compliance with fire regulations, all workplaces should be assessed in accordance with Fire Safety guidance documents and codes of practice.

SafeHands will ensure that you reach that standard without it costing you the earth. We supply the service that your business needs at a sensible no-nonsense price.

SafeHands Fire Safety Services:

  • Identify fire hazards & people at risk
  • Evaluate the risk of a fire in your premises
  • Highlight non-compliance with fire safety legislation
  • Provide Fire Safety Awareness and Fire Warden training
  • Test and certify all Fire Extinguishers

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Fire Safety Compliance

SafeHands fire safety specialists can carry out a risk assessment of your premises. This risk assessment will look at your current fire safety procedures and how it is managed including arrangements for dealing with the outbreak of fire and procedures for the safe evacuation of staff, customers and visitors.

Does your premises comply with current Fire Safety regulations?

  • Do you understand your Fire Safety responsibilities under current legislation?
  • Have you ever carried out a Fire Risk Assessment?
  • Do you have a Fire Safety Management Programme in place in your organisation?
  • Do you need to arrange a Fire Safety Awareness course for your staff?
  • Are your fire extinguishers serviced and certified annually?
  • Do you complete a Fire Evacuation/Fire Drill every six months?
  • Are your Fire Detection and Alarm Systems compliant with standard IS 3218? Are they maintained?

A childcare business must have a trained Fire Safety officer on the premises at all times

Fire Warden training

Fire Extinguisher Service

SafeHands provides a comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Service which meets the requirement of the IS 291 international standard. We provide you with an all-in service price, which covers the cost of servicing, refills, test discharge and pressure testing, with no hidden costs.

Certification of Fire Extinguishers

  • All Fire Extinguishers will receive a full and thorough examination each year
  • 30% of Foam and Water extinguishers will be discharged, examined and refilled
  • 20% of ABC and CO2 extinguishers will be discharged, examined and refilled
  • CO2 extinguishers will be pressure tested after 10 years, then every 5 years after that
  • Broken parts will be replaced
  • Fire Hose Reels will be fully unwound and thoroughly examined
  • All Hose Reels will be tested for function and pressure
  • Fire blankets will also be inspected as part of the service, at no extra charge

We also supply and maintain fire extinguishers