Farmers markets, co-operatives and trader and country markets have become enormously popular in this country over the last number of years. Artisan and small food producers, vendors, stalls, and food-truck owners have built up very successful businesses in these markets, selling everything from home-baked breads and cakes, fast food, vegan cuisines, street food, butchered meat, fresh fish and vegetables, preserves, ice cream, crepes, coffees, juices and smoothies, and a whole lot more besides.

There are a lot of things to think about when starting and maintaining such a food business: insurance, registration, licences to trade, equipment, staffing, pricing and, most importantly, food safety.

All food businesses operating in these markets must comply with the relevant Food Safety Law. This means having a set of controls in place to ensure that your food is safe and easily traceable and meets the requirements set out by the Food Safety Authority and the HSE. You must ensure that all food handlers in your business have received the correct food safety training and certification.

SafeHands Health and Safety Solutions can help you meet all of your food safety requirements when selling food at a market that has been produced onsite or at home. Our Food Safety/HACCP advisors will put in place a HACCP food safety management system and train and certify you and your staff to produce, chill, store, handle and display your food in a safe manner.

SafeHands' advisors can visit you where your food is produced, be it at home or at another site, and also where you sell your goods at your market stall, food truck or mobile unit.

So, if you are currently selling food in a market environment or thinking of starting such a food business, contact us and be in SafeHands.