The Food Safety Authority of Ireland today reported that seven Closure Orders and one Prohibition Order were served on food businesses during the month of May for breaches of food safety legislation, pursuant to the FSAI Act, 1998, and the European Union (Official Controls in Relation to Food Legislation) Regulations, 2020. The Enforcement Orders were issued by environmental health officers in the Health Service Executive.

Some of the reasons for the Enforcement Orders in May include: a lack of adequate procedures in place to control pests with live rodents and droppings spotted; high-risk food such as beef, chicken and pork dishes kept at temperatures that were likely to result in a health risk; food debris, encrusted dirt and grease on floor surfaces, wall surfaces and shelving; no hot water in any sinks at the premises; a lack of allergen information; following sampling, Listeria monocytogenes detected in some ready-to-eat foods; an electric fly killer full of dead insects was located directly above a production line; no evidence of a food safety management system in place.

FSAI Chief Executive Dr Pamela Byrne said: "It is simply unacceptable that some food businesses across Ireland continue to operate without fully adhering to food safety and hygiene legislation. In particular, multiple occurrences in Enforcement Orders issued in May show a complete lack of adequate procedures in place to control pests. Consumers of food in Ireland have a right to safe food and hygienic food premises.

"As we move into warmer summer months, it is disappointing to note that some food businesses are also inadequately monitoring their electric fly killers, and in some cases are preparing food directly beneath leading to a risk of possible contamination. The health of consumers must never be put at risk, and we urge food businesses not to be so careless."

Details of the food businesses served with Enforcement Orders are published on the FSAI’s website.

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