First Aid training

SafeHands Health & Safety Solutions has been providing First Aid training courses onsite at our clients' premises since we were established in 2003. We are an Irish company based in Drumcondra, Dublin, with a proven track record in delivering quality First Aid training nationwide through our team of First Aid training experts. 

We understand that every company and organisation has different needs when it comes to First Aid training and are happy to talk through your requirements and tailor our courses in order to ensure your staff get the best First Aid training available.

You may have some initial questions, so, after consulting with our First Aid training experts, we've put together this Q&A to help you decide which First Aid training is the best fit for your company or organisation...

1. What different types of First Aid training courses does SafeHands provide?

The different types of First Aid training SafeHands can provide for your business or organisation are:

First Aid Responder Course

Course duration is three days.

Basic/Emergency First Aid Course

This is a one-day course.

Basic Life Support First Aid Course (BLS) or Cardiac First Responder Course

Most dental practices complete this course. Course duration is one day.

Paediatric First Aid Course

Course duration is one day.

Sports Injuries and Defibrillator Course

Course duration is one day.

2. What areas of First Aid does each course cover?

The First Aid Responder course covers all aspects of first aid. Upon completion participants can provide First Aid in the workplace; deal with emergencies and implement essential life-saving skills; and undertake cardiac first responder training in Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

The Cardiac First Responder course, or Basic Life Support (BLS), focuses, as its names suggests, on teaching cardiac first responder skills to participants, both for adults and paediatrics.

Basic/Emergency First Aid includes Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), AED, common medical emergencies and breaks and bleeds.

3. How do I know which training is suitable for my staff?

Get in contact with us in SafeHands. Our staff will be happy to discuss the number of staff you employ, the nature of your business or organisation and which First Aid training would be most suitable for you.

4. Am I required to get this training done and keep it updated by law?

This depends on the number of employees that work in your business or organisation. The general rule is that there should be one first aider on site for every 10 staff members (best practice). But, again, contact us in SafeHands and we’ll be able to guide you and advise you on your training requirements.

5. What form does the different types of First Aid training take?

All of SafeHands’ First Aid training is class based and delivered onsite at the clients’ premises. The First Aid Responder course accommodates a maximum of eight participants, Basic First Aid allows for 12 participants, while the Paediatric First Aid course also takes up to 12 participants.

6. Are there practical elements to the training?

Yes, all the First Aid courses that SafeHands provides for its clients have practical elements, including CPR with a mannikin and familiarisation with defibrillators.

7. Is there a test?

There is a test for participants in our three-day First Aid Responder course. But don’t worry, all our instructors are very thorough in explaining each facet of the course content, so participants are well equipped to answer the questions in the test. And remember, a qualified First Aid Responder can make the difference if there is an emergency in your workplace or home.

8. Can I get this training tailored to my workplace?

Of course, you can get all of the First Aid training that SafeHands provides tailored to your workplace. We are here to make it as simple as possible for all your staff to get properly trained and certified in First Aid. So, give us a call or get in touch online and we’ll go through any particular requirements that you may have.

9. How often does my First Aid training need to be updated?

All First Aid courses must be repeated every two years.

As part of our service, we will also contact you when it is time to renew your First Aid training.

10. Should this training be delivered online or onsite?

First Aid courses should be delivered onsite to ensure the quality of the training and to assess if each participant has understood every step of the training. SafeHands only delivers onsite courses in order to maintain the highest standards of training. Our trainers and First Aid experts will deliver these courses at your premises and provide the training onsite in a classroom environment for all of your staff. In this way, you and your employees can have peace of mind that if an emergency situation did arise in the workplace that there are people onsite with the best possible training to deal with it.

11. Do the course participants get a certificate?

All participants who successfully complete our courses receive the relevant certification.

In the case of the First Aid Responder Course, participants receive Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) certification.