The SafeHands Basic Food Hygiene training course is designed to introduce participants to food safety and hygiene issues and is based on the HACCP criteria set down by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland's Guide to Food Safety Training Level 1.

On completion of this food safety training course, participants will be able to understand their requirements under Irish food safety legislation as well as following best work practices.

This course delivered inhouse at your company's premises

  • 3 - 3.5 hour course
  • Up to 12 participants
  • Valid for 2 years
  • Certification recognised by all Food Industries in Ireland

Who should do this course?

The Basic Food Safety & Hygiene course covers the legal requirements of what staff are required to know before they start handling food in your premises. This course is ideal for those:

  • With no previous experience
  • With light food handling duties
  • Performing low risk duties

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Course Objectives

On completion of this HACCP Level 1 training course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the risks and hazards in food preparation
  • Define food poisoning, understand how it occurs and the main causes of food contamination
  • Explain the importance of correct storage, preparation, handling and cooking of food
  • List the legal responsibilities of the food worker
  • List the structural requirements of a food premises
  • Recognise a pest infestation and how to control it
  • Explain the importance of cleaning and cleaning schedules
  • Explain the purpose of HACCP

Course Content

  • Food Safety Awareness
  • Food Contamination and Prevention
  • Safe Food Procedures
  • Personal Hygiene
  • HACCP – Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points System
  • Food Safety Law in Ireland

HACCP Certification - Level 1

On completion of the course participants will be awarded a Basic Food Hygiene Training Course Certificate (FSAI Level 1) which is valid for 2 years.